June 3, 2015

Splashpad & Swimming

After a month of rain it finally warmed up this week and is starting to feel like summer!  We got our swimsuits out, we're ready to break our sandals in, and maybe get a few tan lines while were at it.
My sister and I decided to take our girls to the splash pad on Monday since it was supposed to get up to 80 degrees.  We planned on going earlier in the day and getting the girls all worn out for nap time.  However, we found out the splash pad didn't turn on until 1 pm!  Claire usually naps around 11 but can sometimes make it until around 1 if we're out playing and doing something.  She was so tired and sad by the time the splash pad turned on she wanted nothing to do with it.  She hated it and just clung to me the whole time.  If i tried putting her down she just burst into tears, which is what's going on in the picture above.  Needless to stay, we only stayed for a half an hour.  We're hoping to try again soon but AFTER naps next time. 
We set up Claire's little kiddy pool out in our yard at the beginning of this week and she has been having so much fun with it.  She will happily splash around in it for a good hour or two.  It has provided lots of entertainment already and I think its going to be a lifesaver on all of the hot days this summer!  
We are so happy to finally get some sunshine and warm weather!  You can find us swimming around in the kiddy pool basically everyday until August.

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