June 3, 2015

Farm Day with the Leishman Cousins

Last week when Bryce's brother and his family were here visiting from Missouri we took all the kids on a little trip to my parent's farm to show them all the animals.  They got to see the sheep, mules, and pigs.  We didn't quite make it as far as the cows and chickens since towards the end it was getting late and everyone was ready for dinner.  
Claire got to go on a four wheeler ride with Nana & Papa!
All of the kids loved taking turns feeding the mules.
Another favorite activity at the farm is getting to ride the pink tractor.  My mom helped Claire sit on it so I could get a few pictures.  Claire absolutely loved it, she couldn't stop smiling!
And of course it wouldn't be a trip to the farm without Claire playing in the dirt and collecting rocks.  We had a great night and are so glad all the Leishman cousins were able to go with us!

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