June 30, 2015

Bear Lake Getaway

One of my best friends Shantelle called me up about a month ago and asked if I would take their family pictures in Bear Lake.  I was more than excited about the idea.  Bear Lake is such a gorgeous place and I thought it would really fun to take pictures there.  They invited us to stay up at their cabin with them this past weekend.  We stayed up there with them Friday night and did their pictures first thing Saturday morning so we had the whole rest of the day to play and hang out on the beach.  We had so much fun!  It really was one of the funnest weekends we've had in a while.  Their cabin is on a hill overlooking the lake and has a perfect view.  I took the picture above of the sunrise off of the deck Saturday morning.
Claire and Brielle had lots of fun playing in the sand and water together.
Tiny little painted toes in the sand :).
I wasn't really sure how Claire would do with the beach.  The weekend before when we went to Pineview it took her awhile to get brave enough to play in the sand and the water by herself.  Surprisingly she didn't have any hesitancy at Bear Lake! She loved it.  She played in the sand and walked out into the water all by herself.  And we made it the whole day without her trying to eat any sand, small victories!  Bryce and I also took her out in the water and swam for a little bit.  She seemed to think it was pretty fun after the shock from the coldness wore off ;).
They had a paddle boat that we got to take out and ride around in.  Claire doesn't look super happy in these pictures but she actually really enjoyed it... just the lifejacket not so much ;).
The view from the cabin and the private beach we got to play on all day!
After we took Claire out in the water for a swim we came back and snuggled her up in some towels to get warm.  I held her for a little bit and then passed her to Bryce and she fell asleep curled up on his lap.  He was pretty happy to get some extra snuggles from her.
My little beach baby.
Shantelle and I were brave and took the paddle boat out for a ride by ourselves with Brielle and Claire.
Claire helping Bryce build a sand castle.....and then destroying it of course.
Shantelle and her husband Nate brought these huge bubbles to blow on the beach for the girls to play with.  They were so cool!  It was fun to watch the girls giggle and chase them up and down the beach.
It was such a fun little getaway.  We had such a great time!  I loved getting to spend time with Shantelle and her family, and of course getting to swim and play on the beach all day.  Bryce and I have now added having a cabin in Bear Lake to our list of dreams ;).

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