June 10, 2015

An Afternoon at the Park

Claire has been feeling a little under the weather this week.  She seemed to be doing better today so I thought it would be nice for both of us to get out of the house and go on a little outing.  We decided to go to one of our favorite parks near Beus Pond.  
We had the whole park all to ourselves.  Claire was in heaven exploring every inch of the place without interruption.
She likes climbing the stairs but she doesn't care too much about the slides or anything.  Mostly she likes to walk around under the playground and find random places to stack the wood chips.  
This little window was probably her favorite part of the whole park.  She kept peeking out of it then would wave and say "Bye!" before ducking out of sight.  After we played that game for a while she dropped wood chips out the window for a good five to ten minutes.  I love seeing the funny things that entertain her at this age.
As we were leaving we passed this flowering bush and I couldn't help but stop to take a picture.  Afternoons like this with my little girl are what I always dreamed about before I became a mom and I'm glad I'll get to spend a entire childhood of them with Claire.

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