May 6, 2015

Tulip Festival

Yesterday Claire and I went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point with my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.  It was so pretty and so much fun!  The weather held out just long enough for us to finish our outing and then it started raining as soon as we left (perfect timing)!  I took tons of pictures but tried to narrow this post down to my absolute favorites.    
I brought the stroller and pushed Claire around in it most of the time since there was a lot of walking, but I would let her out every so often to explore a little and get a break from being strapped in.  She loved getting up close to all of the colorful flowers and may have accidentally got a little overzealous with some. 
While we were there I tried teaching her to be soft and just smell the flowers so she wouldn't keep trying to pick them all.  She caught on really quickly and started sniffing all of the flowers and saying "Mmm!"  It was so adorable!
There were so many gorgeous flowers, but these yellow ones were probably my favorite!  I'm not sure what exactly they are though, I need to find out!
Claire thought all of the fountains were so much fun.  She could have splashed in them all day long!  I had to watch her closely because she kept trying to hoist her leg up and climb in for a swim.
More flower smelling ;)
This fountain was one of my favorite parts in the garden.  It was so so pretty!
I've been saying I want to go the Tulip Festival for the last few years and I am so happy I finally went.  I'm even more glad that I got to take Claire with me.  Most of the fun for me was getting to watch her explore and experience all of the gorgeous scenery in the gardens.  The Tulip Festival is definitely something you have to go to if you are in Utah.  I would love for it to become an annual tradition for the girls.  Maybe I can even talk Bryce into going with us next year ;)!    

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