May 19, 2015

Rainboots for Rory

All of this rainy weather has been a pain for our poor Rory girl.  Every time we take let her out to go to the bathroom she comes back drenched with her paws covered in mud.  Then we have to either put her in her crate until she dries or carry her to our tub to wash her off, which is not an easy feat with a 50 pound dog.  One night this past week Bryce decided to try making Rory some makeshift rain boots out of grocery sacks to see if he could keep her feet from getting wet and muddy.  They actually worked pretty well, but it was a little difficult getting her to hold still long enough to get them on her feet.  Maybe we should start a line of rain boots for dogs and become millionaires, but of course I'll work on the aesthetic aspect to make them a bit more presentable first.

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