May 31, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

This year we spent Memorial Day with the Leishmans.  Bryce's brother and his family were here visiting for the week from Missouri.  We were up really late the night before so we all slept in on Memorial Day.  We were going to try to go to some type of flag ceremony but Claire slept in until after 9 so we ended up just spending the morning at home.  
I did get Claire a mini flag and 'explained' as much as you can to a 16 month old why we celebrate Memorial Day and honor all those who have served and given up their lives for our country.  It was something like, "This is a flag.  Can you say flag?  Yay!  Flags are so special.  We love our country and flag!"
Bryce's family all met up at our house in the afternoon and we tried to go fishing at Glassman Pond but it was super crowded so we decided to go to Beus Pond instead.
Grandma Leishman brought a big bag of cheetos to share with everyone and Claire would not let her out of her sight after she was aware of that.  I lost count of how many cheetos Claire ate! She loved them.   
We walked around, looked at all of the ducks & geese, and played in the stream with the kids.  All of the older grandkids were wading in the stream and after seeing them Claire made every attempt she could to get in the water with them.  We helped her splash her hands and feet in the water and she thought it was the greatest thing ever.  She is such a little water baby still.  I can't wait to finally take her swimming this Summer.  After spending a few hours at Beus Pond we all went back to our house and cooked a bunch of Papa Murphy's pizzas.  We let the kids play outside in the yard and just got to visit and spend time together.  It was so nice.  The day felt like the perfect kickoff for Summer!  

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