May 20, 2015


Lately I have ended up having to refold my laundry for the second or third time during Claire's naps.  She loves to help me pull out of the clothes out of the basket and then she likes to throw them all back in after they've been folded and I'm in the middle of putting them away.  Hence the need to fold them all again.  I could just wait and do it once while she naps but I actually enjoy seeing how happy she is when she is "helping" me.  I also think that even though she doesn't understand yet, eventually by helping me she will be learning how to help with chores.
I ordered several new prints to hang up around the house and this one I hung up in Claire's nursery is my absolute favorite.  
I've been having to come up with lots of ways to keep us entertained since we've been stuck inside so much due to all of the rain.  I've been getting out my guitar a lot and having music time with Claire.  She loves when we do this.  I let her hold the guitar and attempt to strum the strings with her little hands.  She especially loves when I let her do things like this by herself.  She is very much entering the independent toddler stage.
A few days ago during one of Claire's naps I had a little craft session and made her a few new bow sets.  They were so easy, just bows tied from bias tape, and they look so cute!  They are perfect with her little baby pigtails.
The only thing I wanted for Mother's day was a straw market tote.  I thought it would be perfect for all of the upcoming summer activities like picnics, boating, swimming, trips to the park, etc.  I wanted a good sturdy bag that was roomy but I wouldn't have to worry about getting ruined or dirty from water, sand, and pb&js.  It finally came in the mail yesterday and I found a nice little spot for it.  Now all of this rain just needs to clear up so I can actually get some use out of it! 

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