May 13, 2015

Ladybug Girl

We have been having warm weather and lots of sunshine the past few days.  We're back to playing outside every chance we get!  We got this little ride-on ladybug for Claire last week since she has no outside toys (a result of having a January birthday probably haha).  She loves it!  It's pretty cute to see her scooting around our driveway on it all day long.
Claire may or may not be wearing a size 6 month romper that she wore all last summer.  Granted, it was pretty big for her last year, but I'm just happy I get to see her wear some of my favorite outfits of hers again!  The forecast is showing rain for the whole upcoming weekend again, so hopefully I can come up with more ideas to keep us entertained!  Luckily her ladybug works just as great indoors so she can scoot around inside from room to room until that gets boring ;)


  1. Where did you get that cute ladybug? I have been looking for a little scoot toy like that, but all the ones I have found I don't really like. I know Camille would love a good outside toy!

    1. I got it on amazon but they have them all over if you just google them, they are called wheely bugs. It was kind of pricey, definitely more than I wanted to spend, but it had the best reviews and is supposed to be "industrially" built like for daycare centers so it will last forever. I figured if I was getting one, I might as well get one that will last through all of our future kids too so we don't have to buy something similar in the future. They did have some on ebay that were cheaper so you could look there, I tried ordering one there but kept getting outbid so I ended up just ordering her's on amazon. Sorry my reply ended up being so long haha, but I am really glad we got it for her I would definitely recommend it! :)

    2. Awesome! Thanks! I can't wait to go look at them! P.S. I love all your pictures. They are so great and capture such great moments!