May 4, 2015

Ice Cream Night!

This past Friday night we decided to celebrate Bryce being done with finals by going out for ice cream.  It was a much needed family night after having him gone studying so much the past few weeks.  Bryce is so close to graduating.  He has to take two classes this summer that he wasn't able to take during the semester because they were taught the same time as two of his other senior level classes.  His classes will end in June and then he will graduate with his bachelor's degree!  Hooray!! I am so excited and so proud of him.  After that...we will see where our journey takes us. His first goal is medical school and if that doesn't work out then possibly PA school or Physical Therapy school.  It will be a little bit of a crazy year until we figure out what our exact plans will be, but there's no one else I'd rather be on this journey with!

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