May 15, 2015

Happy 25th Birthday Bryce!

Bryce turned 25 years old on Wednesday, May 13th.  We had to split the celebrating across a couple of days since Bryce had work and school from 10:30am-9pm on his birthday.  On the morning of his birthday I made one of his favorite breakfasts (German pancakes with blueberries & strawberries, bacon, and orange juice).  Unfortunately after breakfast he had to leave for the rest of the day.  I made him a homemade butterfinger ice cream cake and surprised him with it when he got home from work that night.  He is the worst at making decisions (he did this same thing last year!) and still hasn't decided what he wants for his birthday.  He is leaning towards getting a bike since he doesn't have one and I thought it would be fun for us to go on bike rides with Claire this summer.  Thursday night he was home all night so we were able to do his birthday dinner.  We had grilled ribeye steaks, sweet potato fries, and ice cream cake of course.  I put candles on his cake and sang him Happy Birthday too.  Claire especially loved the birthday candles and getting to help Bryce blow them out.  We're hopefully going to do some birthday shopping for him tomorrow, so wish us luck that he won't take all day long deciding!

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