May 24, 2015


We were able to sneak outside and play a few times this week in the midst of all the rainstorms we've been getting.  These photos are of Claire exploring around in the backyard.  She was thrilled to get outside for a bit before it started raining once again.On Thursdays Bryce gets home from work in the early afternoons so we took Rory and Claire for a walk to the park.  
We loved watching Rory & Claire chase each other around.  They are seriously so much fun.  We were able to play there for about forty-five minutes before it started getting dark and cloudy.  We thought we'd better head home so we didn't get caught in the rain.  We arrived home right as the rain hit.  It couldn't have been better timing.  This has been the rainiest, wettest spring I can remember.  It's been kind of fun, but it does get tricky trying to keep a toddler entertained all day indoors.  Hopefully it will warm up and start feeling like summer soon!

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