May 4, 2015

Sunday at the Farm

After church and naps yesterday afternoon we decided to go to my parent's farm for a surprise visit.  

Watching the sheep, trying to get a glimpse of the baby lambs.
Going for rides in Nana's wagon.
Claire loves the mules.  She couldn't stop giggling when they would sniff her and try to sneak some of her granola bar.
Checking out the pigs.  Claire thinks all animals are pets like Rory, so she even tried to pet the stinky pigs haha!
My sister and her family stopped by to visit too, so Claire got to play with her BFF/cousin Lydia.  She was a little overly enthusiastic giving Lydia loves.

I love taking Claire to visit where I grew up and I'm glad we live close enough right now to visit often!

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