April 27, 2015

Scenes from the Weekend

Friday before the rain started we played outside after nap time.  Claire ran around and mowed the driveway until her little legs were worn out. Then it was dinnertime, bath time, story time, and bedtime for my tired little girl.  I spent the rest of the night reading while Bryce did some studying.    
We started off our Saturday morning listening to James Taylor while I cooked up a big batch of french toast.  
I tried to get some cleaning done while Bryce was at work, but a certain little girl made it a little difficult.  Claire went around the house emptying all of my baskets and then climbed inside the sturdier ones that didn't topple over from her attempts.
Rainy days always put me in the mood for baking.  Claire helped me make a pan of brownies to surprise Bryce with when he came home from work.  Saturday night was another quiet one that was pleasantly uneventful.
Sunday was filled with lots of snuggling, tickling, and somersaults.  Claire's new favorite thing is to do somersaults (all the time).  She balances on her head precariously until she flops over sideways.  We clap and cheer loudly for her then jumps up so excited and proud of herself that joins in on the clapping and cheering with us.  It is the cutest thing to watch.  It was a nice quiet weekend and was just what we needed before all of Bryce's finals this week.

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