April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

We had such a great Easter celebration this year.  It was also General Conference, so it made the whole weekend extra special.  Sunday morning after Claire woke up and had eaten breakfast I snuck her Easter basket into her room so she would find it when we took her back in there.

The first thing she went for in her basket was the bag of dried mangos.  They are her favorite.  I probably could have just given her those and she would have been thrilled!  We also filled her Easter basket with a cute little stuffed bunny, the book Guess How Much I Love You?, a leather hairbow, an Easter sippy cup, and eggs filled with jellybeans, fruit snacks, & bunny grahams.  We also gave her an Easter dress and her very first pair of Saltwater Sandals.  I didn't get a picture of mine & Bryce's basket but ours was filled with mini cadburry eggs, jellybeans, homemade Reeses eggs, and the movie Up to add to our Disney collection.

Once she figured out there were treats in the eggs there was no stopping her!
After she had eaten a fair amount of bunny grahams she started looking at the rest of the contents of her basket.  She pulled out her bunny and just started cuddling it.  She was in love with her new bunny.  It was so adorable.  I was dying!
After we finished showing Claire her Easter basket I got her dressed and took her outside to get a few pictures in her new Easter dress.  I took quite a few pictures and tried to only post my favorites but there are too many!  She is so cute, I can hardly stand it.

We spent the rest of the morning listening to conference and then went to my parents for lunch & an Easter Egg hunt.  We ate lunch first and while we were waiting for everyone to finish Rory got lots of cuddling in with everybody.  Claire & her cousin Lydia had an especially fun time crawling all over her.

Claire still hadn't really figured out the whole Easter Egg hunt concept, but with lots of help from us we managed to fill her basket!
Claire & Lydi comparing their Easter haul.
Claire & Lydia with Papa & Nana (my parents).
We listened to the afternoon session of conference with my family and afterwards went to Bryce's parent's for another Easter Egg Hunt & dinner.  Even if it is sometimes hectic we are lucky to live close to both of our families so we get to spend time with both every holiday.  Aside from the fun parties, I tried to really focus on celebrating the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ.  The whole reason we even have families & a holiday to celebrate is because of Him & His atoning sacrifice for each of us.  I am SO grateful that because of Him I can live with my family forever, the greatest blessing I could ever hope for!

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