April 6, 2015

Claire's First Easter Egg Hunt

We took Claire to her first Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday morning at a local park.  It was equally hilarious and cute.  She had no idea what was going but she knew something exciting was happening.  As soon as all the commotion started she squealed, waved her arms excitedly, and kept tottering around in circles with the one egg she picked up by herself clutched in her little hands.  We helped her gather up a few more so she didn't have to go home with one lone egg :).  Even though she didn't understand what the Easter Egg hunt really was, she loved getting to be around so many other toddlers her age.  
The Easter Egg Hunt literally lasted less than two minutes so we decided to hang around for a while and played with Claire on the playground.  I think it was a successful first hunt.  It was so fun seeing her excitement and watching her happily play with her eggs & basket the rest of the morning. 

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