April 17, 2015


We all know that life with toddlers is messy.  Very fun, but very messy.  Claire is getting more curious by the day and is figuring out how to get into everything.  Yesterday she was pushing her doll pram around the kitchen and I left for a few seconds to go put some dishtowels in the laundry hamper.  I came back to find she had pulled the oatmeal canister off the shelf in the pantry and spilled it all over the kitchen floor.  When I came in she looked at me and squealed "Oh!" and kept pointing excitedly at the oatmeal all over the floor.  Her reaction was so cute I couldn't help but laugh.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures to show Bryce later then I let Claire help me sweep up the mess and we went about our day.  Afterwards, I thought about how taking a few pictures of the little mishap helped me not lose my patience over a small mess.  I decided to start a little series on my blog and a hashtag on Instagram, #ClaireOliviaWasHere, to document the unavoidable mishaps and silly events that go along with raising a toddler.  This way I can use something I love (photography) to help me find amusement in what could be some bothersome situations.  Patience hasn't always been something that comes easily to me but I'm hoping this new project and perspective will help!

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