April 3, 2015

Baby Animal Days

Yesterday we took Claire to Baby Animal Days in Wellsville.  It was so much fun!  Claire absolutely loved it.  She was  in heaven getting to pet all the animals.  They had every kind of baby farm animal you could think of: piglets, goats, calves, chicks, ducklings, ponies, horses, bison, bunnies, and they even had baby bears!  You were able to pet several of the baby animals and most of the adult animals but some (like the baby bears) you just had to watch.
Claire & Bryce petting a baby goat.
Claire & me petting the baby calves.
Claire & Bryce with another goat.
Bryce helping Claire pet one of the donkeys.

Watching the chickens.
Claire holding a little duckling.

There was a little train you could ride on and lots of pioneer/mountain man activities as well.
The reindeer, we dutifully took it upon ourselves to name Sven :)
Sharing a bag of kettle corn that was bigger than Claire!
The baby bears!  They were sooo cute.  We wanted to bring one home with us.
We went thinking we would spend an hour or two there, but we ended up staying quite a bit longer, you could easily stay there all day.  It was such a fun springtime family outing.  I am really glad we went.  And I am especially glad Bryce decided to skip one of his classes so he could go with us :).

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