April 16, 2015

April Snow Storm

Yesterday mother nature decided to give us a little surprise.  We woke up to snow in the middle of April, lots and lots of it!  I absolutely love snow, and I was bummed we hardly got any this past winter, so I was thrilled with the crazy snow storm we got, even if it was in April!  I pulled our boots & coats out of storage and we took Claire outside to play around in it for a while.  She started squealing and bouncing up and down as soon as we got outside.  She loved it!  (Just as long as she didn't have to touch it haha!)
Knowing it would melt in a day or two we tried to to stay outside and enjoy the snow as long as we could.  Then we stayed cozy and warm inside and watched the snow fall out the window while I made homemade bread and taco soup for dinner.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  It felt like we got to live in a snow globe just for a day.  And it made up for the disappointing winter we had, just a little.

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