March 11, 2015

Zoo Day!

Yesterday Bryce and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of marriage.  A few months back we talked about some ideas of what we wanted to do to celebrate our anniversary and one of things was to go to the zoo.  We actually went to the zoo on our honeymoon so we thought it would be especially fun to go on our anniversary this year and take Claire with us.  It worked out perfectly since Bryce is on spring break and has school & work off all week.  I was a little worried at how the day would go since Claire has been having some pretty rough days lately from teething, but she was so happy and excited the whole time we were there!  We decided to head down in the morning when Claire normally goes down for her first nap.  We stopped for breakfast at Einstein Bagels before we drove down to Salt Lake and then Claire slept for almost the whole car ride down.  It worked out perfectly!  She woke up right when we pulled into the parking lot, ready to get out and explore.
We showed her the giraffes first.  She was very intrigued and just kept staring them down.  It was funny to see her try and figure them out.
This giraffe was sticking its tongue out all over the place.  It was so funny to watch.
After we showed Claire the lions we had to take the classic Hogle Zoo photo by the lion drinking fountain.  Claire inspected all of its teeth and tongue thoroughly after our picture was taken.

We stopped by the gorilla & orangutang exhibit and took a few more classic zoo photos.  You can't leave the zoo without a picture by the gorilla measuring wall.  They have a tiny 4 month old orangutang right now that is so adorable.  It was curled up taking a nap so I wasn't able to get any good pictures of it but it was so cute!  

Claire was in awe, I'm sure, at the enormity of the elephants.  She would point at them excitedly and shout in her gibberish language.  While we were visiting the elephants the workers were out with them having them do tricks and perform for us. It was so neat to watch.  Bryce and I both wish in another life we could work as animal trainers at a zoo.  I really think it would be such a cool job.  We also got to watch the seals perform and do lots of tricks at their exhibit but I was having too much fun watching so I didn't take any pictures.  

Claire loved these tiger statues!  She scampered right up to them and kept patting them and giving them loves.  Bryce picked her up and sat her on the smaller one for a couple of minutes and you can see from her face in the last picture that she thought it was the funnest thing ever.
The gorilla in the outdoor exhibit was playing hide & seek with us.  He was laying right up by the window and kept pulling the blanket up over himself & then he would pull it off and pop his face out.  Claire wasn't really sure what to think of this massive black furry thing popping his face out at her.

Bryce's favorite animal is the tiger.  He was so excited for Claire to see it.  All day long he kept prepping her and asking her, "What does the tiger say?"  Then she would smile and let out her little growl.  I was even able to get a semi-decent picture of them in front of the tiger while it was prowling around. 
My favorite animals at the zoo are probably the zebras with the elephants coming in as a close second.  The zebras were all pretty far away so Claire & I just got our picture taken in front of their exhibit while they were grazing around.  I think Claire's favorite thing was getting to see all of the other kids running around all day.  She kept walking up to random kids all day trying to play with them.  It was the cutest thing.  We seriously had the best time.  It was such a fun day!  Claire slept on the drive home and then we used a gift card we had been saving and picked up Costa Vida salads for dinner so I didn't have to cook.  It was a great way to celebrate our marriage and the family we've created together.  Bryce and I are planning on going on a real date this weekend as well with just the two of us.  We think 3 years of marriage is definitely worth celebrating twice in one week!

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