March 11, 2015

Sunday at the Park

Sunday afternoon after church & Claire's nap we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a trip to the Beus Pond & the park.  We walked around Beus Pond a few times and showed Claire the ducks and geese.  After we had walked around for a while we stopped at the park before we went home.  We put the Claire on the swings to see if she would still like them.  The last time she tried the swings was back at the begging of September when she was just 8 months old.  At first she was a little unsure about them and almost started to cry, but after lots of clapping and reassuring "yays!" from us she warmed up to them.

After Claire was finished swinging Bryce took her around on the playground and went down a few slides with her.  She was pretty indifferent about this.  She didn't love the slides but didn't necessarily oppose them either.  I'm sure in a few months time this will change.
After swinging & going down a few slides we made sure Rory got some good exercise.  Bryce played fetch with her while Claire and I walked around stopping every now and then to explore bits of leaves and twigs.  It was a perfect family afternoon and has really made me look forward to the warmer months coming!

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