March 17, 2015


Yesterday evening while I was finishing up dinner preparations Claire was getting very impatient.  She was getting tired, hungry, and grumpy.  Dinner was in the oven but had about 30 minutes left to cook and Bryce wasn't going to be home from work for another 30 minutes either.  I decided we could use some sunshine to help distract both of us until then and I wanted to get some more practice with my new lens.  I grabbed Claire and my camera and we headed outside to roam around our yard.  

I have been using the Canon 50mm 1.8 since last July but the focus ring has started having issues the past couple months and keeps getting stuck (a common problem with this lens).  It is still under warranty so I am sending it in to get fixed, but it takes about two months for them to send it back to you which posed a problem with my photography business.  I had been wanting to upgrade to the Canon 50mm 1.4 at some point in the future anyway so I have been saving up some money from my photoshoots.  We also got our tax return last week (yay!) so Bryce & I talked it over and he agreed I could upgrade my lens now using the money I had saved up & a little bit from our tax return.  Then when I get my other lens back from being fixed I plan on selling it since I have the upgraded version now.  I have been loving my new lens.  I thought the 50mm 1.8 did a great job but this lens is far superior in comparison.  I can already tell a big difference!  The fruit trees are all starting to bloom in our yard so I thought that would be a great place to let Claire play and for me to get in some good practice shots.

Claire loves being outside so she perked up as soon we got out there.  She tottered around picking up blooms and fallen leaves (and of course tasted a few for good measure).  We both had lots of fun roaming around and before we knew it Bryce was home and dinner was ready.  Thank goodness the warm springtime weather saved the day!     

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