March 30, 2015

Spring Family Pictures

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with my sister's family at Beus Pond and I decided last minute to take a few updated pictures of my own family.  In the last ones we took, Claire was only 9 months old so and she has already changed so much since then.  It's always tricky trying to get the shots I envision using the tripod & remote/self-timer.  The pictures didn't all turn out quite like I hoped, but like they say practice makes perfect.  We at least got a few where we're all looking at the camera which is an admirable feat with a toddler and a dog.  One day I'll get them to turn out how I'm picturing them in my head!  I do need to give some credit to my husband Bryce.  He is always so willing to help me get more practice in.  He also took all of the photos of Claire and me together, (they turned out great!).  He is turning into quite the photographer himself!  These are my favorite shots from the shoot and you can see the rest on my photography blog here.

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