March 4, 2015

Scenes from a Wednesday

We finally had a much needed snow storm earlier this week.  I love snow, so I was very excited about it.  However, the colder temperatures have kept us from going on our daily afternoon walk the past few days.  We've stayed tucked inside and entertained ourselves by making cookies, watching Winnie the Pooh, and playing with toys in the nursery.  Here are a few scenes of how we spent our Wednesday cozied up inside:

Claire loves her abacus toy.  She'll spin and move the beads around for a good ten minutes.  I'm actually kind of surprised sometimes that something this simple entertains her so well. When she plays with it Bryce and I joke that she is already becoming a little mathematician.
Claire is always trying to swipe our glasses, especially Bryce's since he wears them all the time.  I was wearing mine today and decided to oblige her by letting her try them out for a bit.  She thought it was hilarious. 

Claire is such a cuddly and affectionate little girl.  She walks up to me holding her arms out for me to pick her up and cuddle her all the time.  She loves to snuggle up and lay her head on my chest while I rest my cheek on the top of her head.  It's one of my absolute favorite things.  I hope she never grows out of it.  She also loves to give hugs and kisses to all of her stuffed animals & dolls.  She gave her bear lots of love today and carried him all around the nursery.  She was not happy about having her diaper changed earlier so we compromised and I didn't try to keep her still long enough for me to pull her pants back on (the struggle is real!).  Who needs pants when you're staying warm and cozy inside all day anyway.  

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