March 27, 2015

Pigtails: A Sequel

Remember this post from back in November when I realized the top half of Claire's hair was long enough to put up in pigtails?  First of all, how was that only 4 months ago?  She looks so tiny in those pictures!  Second of all, today I am writing the sequel to that post.  As you all know, Claire was born with a full head of hair.  When she was around 6 months old she lost most of the hair on the sides and back but she kept all of the hair on the top of her head.  She basically had a cute little come over for a few months until the rest of her hair grew back in.  Because of this the hair on top of her head is super long and the sides and back are quite a bit shorter.  For the past few months I've always just put the long top half of her hair up in little half pigtails.  Yesterday I realized that all of her hair is now long enough to be put in real pigtails for the first time!  This of course required documentation (life with girls, right?).  I can hardly stand how cute her little baby pigtails look!     
Seriously though, those little pigtails kill me.  Bryce said I'm not allowed to do her hair like this anymore because it makes her look too big.  I'd almost comply if she didn't look so darn cute!   

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