March 25, 2015

Claire's Baby Book

I finished Claire's baby book last month and thought I would share how it turned out (mostly so Claire's Grandmas & Great-Grandmas that all read here can get a little sneak peek).  I used and made a 8.5 x 8.5 hardcover album.  I ordered one copy to make sure I was happy with the size and everything, and now I plan on ordering an extra copy when they are having another good sale so I can keep one and give one to Claire when she is all grown up. 
The first page in her book is a picture of me towards the end of my pregnancy with Claire.  
The next few pages are all of the letters I wrote her during my pregnancy.  
Next is her birth story and pictures from the day she was born.
Then I did a page of her monthly photo with her fox and a letter I wrote to her each month.
Then in between each monthly photo & letter I would do a 2 page spread of the photos I took of her during that month and of special occasions/holidays.
Then I ended the book with her 1 year picture & letter and the photos from her first birthday party.  I really love how her book turned out.  I think I will probably do this same layout for all of our future babies' books.  I was a little worried the size would be too small but I actually think its perfect.  Its not too small and its not huge so it looks great on display and can still be easily stored on a bookshelf.  I am so glad to have her baby book finished.  Its comforting knowing that if something were to happen to all of my photos we at least have all of them from her first year printed in her baby book and the file is saved on mixbook's website if we ever need to order another copy.  I finished our Family Yearbooks and now I just need to order copies of those and I will be all caught up. 

*I know you can't see this super well but I did include a digital preview of her baby book if anyone wants a more detailed look*

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