March 24, 2015


It only took 14 months, but today Claire finally willingly ate a banana!  She is a really finicky eater so this was a huge milestone for her.  She'll eat or at least try almost any vegetable, most meats, and any carb you can think of, but she basically refuses all fruit unless it is dried fruit or in pureed form.  Just recently she has finally started to eat so much better!  I'm not sure exactly why.  I don't have any tricks other than I have just continued to offer her foods whether she has liked them or not.  This past week alone she has eaten grapes, whole wheat pancakes, shredded sweet pork, mini sweet peppers, and finally today a banana (none of which she would touch before)!  Feeding a toddler can be so frustrating and disheartening when you lovingly prepare them nutritious meals that just get thrown on the floor, so I wanted to take note of a day when she happily ate everything I gave her.  Proud mama moment.

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