March 30, 2015

Spring Family Pictures

Yesterday I did a photoshoot with my sister's family at Beus Pond and I decided last minute to take a few updated pictures of my own family.  In the last ones we took, Claire was only 9 months old so and she has already changed so much since then.  It's always tricky trying to get the shots I envision using the tripod & remote/self-timer.  The pictures didn't all turn out quite like I hoped, but like they say practice makes perfect.  We at least got a few where we're all looking at the camera which is an admirable feat with a toddler and a dog.  One day I'll get them to turn out how I'm picturing them in my head!  I do need to give some credit to my husband Bryce.  He is always so willing to help me get more practice in.  He also took all of the photos of Claire and me together, (they turned out great!).  He is turning into quite the photographer himself!  These are my favorite shots from the shoot and you can see the rest on my photography blog here.

March 27, 2015

Pigtails: A Sequel

Remember this post from back in November when I realized the top half of Claire's hair was long enough to put up in pigtails?  First of all, how was that only 4 months ago?  She looks so tiny in those pictures!  Second of all, today I am writing the sequel to that post.  As you all know, Claire was born with a full head of hair.  When she was around 6 months old she lost most of the hair on the sides and back but she kept all of the hair on the top of her head.  She basically had a cute little come over for a few months until the rest of her hair grew back in.  Because of this the hair on top of her head is super long and the sides and back are quite a bit shorter.  For the past few months I've always just put the long top half of her hair up in little half pigtails.  Yesterday I realized that all of her hair is now long enough to be put in real pigtails for the first time!  This of course required documentation (life with girls, right?).  I can hardly stand how cute her little baby pigtails look!     
Seriously though, those little pigtails kill me.  Bryce said I'm not allowed to do her hair like this anymore because it makes her look too big.  I'd almost comply if she didn't look so darn cute!   

March 26, 2015

Portrait 12.52

Claire in her yellow jacket and the yellow daffodils on the Ogden Temple grounds are a perfect pair.

"A portrait of my daughter once a week, every week, in 2015."

March 25, 2015

Claire's Baby Book

I finished Claire's baby book last month and thought I would share how it turned out (mostly so Claire's Grandmas & Great-Grandmas that all read here can get a little sneak peek).  I used and made a 8.5 x 8.5 hardcover album.  I ordered one copy to make sure I was happy with the size and everything, and now I plan on ordering an extra copy when they are having another good sale so I can keep one and give one to Claire when she is all grown up. 
The first page in her book is a picture of me towards the end of my pregnancy with Claire.  
The next few pages are all of the letters I wrote her during my pregnancy.  
Next is her birth story and pictures from the day she was born.
Then I did a page of her monthly photo with her fox and a letter I wrote to her each month.
Then in between each monthly photo & letter I would do a 2 page spread of the photos I took of her during that month and of special occasions/holidays.
Then I ended the book with her 1 year picture & letter and the photos from her first birthday party.  I really love how her book turned out.  I think I will probably do this same layout for all of our future babies' books.  I was a little worried the size would be too small but I actually think its perfect.  Its not too small and its not huge so it looks great on display and can still be easily stored on a bookshelf.  I am so glad to have her baby book finished.  Its comforting knowing that if something were to happen to all of my photos we at least have all of them from her first year printed in her baby book and the file is saved on mixbook's website if we ever need to order another copy.  I finished our Family Yearbooks and now I just need to order copies of those and I will be all caught up. 

*I know you can't see this super well but I did include a digital preview of her baby book if anyone wants a more detailed look*

March 24, 2015


It only took 14 months, but today Claire finally willingly ate a banana!  She is a really finicky eater so this was a huge milestone for her.  She'll eat or at least try almost any vegetable, most meats, and any carb you can think of, but she basically refuses all fruit unless it is dried fruit or in pureed form.  Just recently she has finally started to eat so much better!  I'm not sure exactly why.  I don't have any tricks other than I have just continued to offer her foods whether she has liked them or not.  This past week alone she has eaten grapes, whole wheat pancakes, shredded sweet pork, mini sweet peppers, and finally today a banana (none of which she would touch before)!  Feeding a toddler can be so frustrating and disheartening when you lovingly prepare them nutritious meals that just get thrown on the floor, so I wanted to take note of a day when she happily ate everything I gave her.  Proud mama moment.

March 23, 2015

DIY Duvet Cover

We woke up this morning to gray, rainy skies.  I decided it was a good day for a sewing project.  A couple years ago West Elm had a black & white dotted swiss duvet cover that I loved.  I couldn't really justify spending money on it since we had a perfectly good duvet cover already that I made when we got married.  This was back when I was working for IHC and Bryce agreed if I worked some overtime hours I could use the extra money to purchase the new duvet.  Sadly, by the time I worked the extra hours the duvet cover was sold out.  I was pretty bummed and tried watching for one one ebay but nothing ever came up.  I didn't find another duvet I liked as much so I decided to wait and see if West Elm would make it again.  They never did, but a few months ago I found a set of sheets at Target that were really close to looking like the swiss dot duvet I had loved.  They are white with a black plus print on them.  I decided I would buy the sheets and sew up my own duvet cover.

The sheets came as a standard set that included a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases.  Bryce and I actually stopped using flat sheets about a year ago.  We both kept waking up too hot at night and I always hated how I felt like they would get all tangled.  We tried sleeping with just the fitted sheet & duvet and it was so much better.  I've made our bed like that ever since.  Since I wouldn't be using the flat sheet from the set I figured I could turn that into the duvet cover.  I sewed it to one of the extra white flat sheets we weren't using, and voila!  A brand new duvet cover & new set of sheets for just a little over $30.  It was a super easy sewing project, just three straight seems along the sides and bottom of the sheets.  And as long as your sheets are the same size and you don't have trim either of them the seams are already finished so you don't have to worry about that step.
I love how it turned out and I love that I now have 2 duvet covers to rotate between, which will be especially helpful on laundry days!

March 20, 2015


A couple days ago I noticed Claire's eyes were getting a little goopy throughout the day.  She had played with her cousins the week before who found out they had pink eye after they had played together.  They only played for maybe 10 minutes, and didn't really make much contact they just wandered around our backyard together.  I wasn't sure if she would get it or not but I crossed my fingers she'd luck out.  When she woke up yesterday her eyes still weren't very bad but later in the day they got progressively worse and both started getting red, very goopy, and a little swollen.  I called her doctor and was able to take her in to an appointment in the afternoon.  Her doctor confirmed that she did in fact have an unfortunate case of pink eye.  He prescribed some eye drops and said to make sure we cleaned everything Claire had been playing with and touching in the house to get all the germs killed.  I picked up Claire's prescription and then once I got home I threw all her sheets and blankets in the washer & scrubbed up her room and all her toys with my trusty clorox wipes. 

She woke up crying really hard at 4:30 this morning, which is unusual for her.  Although I'm not sure if it was due to the pink eye bothering her or if it is from teething since she is also getting 6 teeth at the same time right now.  (Poor little girl is a trooper!)  I finally got her back to sleep at 6 a.m. and she slept until 9:30 so I was able to go back to sleep for a few hours as well.  When we both got up at 9:30 I noticed her eyes already looked tons better, but she is still contagious until it clears up all the way so we are quarantined to the house for a few days.  We were both still feeling groggy and tired so we had a slow morning.  We ate breakfast, stayed in our pajamas, and spent a good portion of the morning cuddling and reading books in my bed.  Luckily, the rest of the day Claire has been her normal happy self.  Hopefully this means she is on the mend and her eyes will clear up quickly so we can get back to our normal routine!