February 6, 2015

Updates in Claire's Nursery

I thought it would be fun to do a post on Claire's updated nursery.  Previous posts of her nursery here and here.  As she's grown this past year it has been fun to add little updates as she's entered the toddler stage.  We store her books and a few toys on her bookcase.  Once she was mobile and started crawling (and then walking) I had to rearrange her bookcase and move some of the breakable decorations to the top shelf.  I like to rotate out the book on display every now then to switch things up.  Most of her toys are wooden or handmade ones which double as decor (win, win!).
We store all the rest of her toys in this chest and in the baskets on top.  I also switched out the white & black rug that used to be in here for the gray one we used to store under our dining table.  We ended up getting tile under our table so I stopped using our gray rug there and it got more difficult to keep her white rug clean once she was crawling around and playing in the nursery. I actually think the gray rug looks cuter in her nursery anyway.
I bought Claire this little owl backpack a couple of weeks ago.  Now that she is older we don't need to pack nearly as much stuff as we used to in the diaper bag.  I thought a little toddler sized backpack would be perfect for outings to the park, library, or trips to grandma's house when we don't need or want to lug the big diaper bag around.  She also looks ridiculously cute wearing a backpack that's almost as big as she is.
I didn't want to get rid of the tassel garland I made for her birthday party yet so I hung it above her crib temporarily.  I'll probably leave it up for a few more weeks and then try and figure out a way to store it without ruining it.
We still use her dresser as a changing table and it works so well!  I don't know how people can survive with out a changing table of some sort.  Trying to get her to lay still while changing her diaper on the ground is nearly impossible, but she'll lay totally still on her changing pad without trying to roll or crawl away.  

And I can't forget the cute little girl who lives here.  She's definitely the cutest part of the room (and her fluffy little buddy is pretty cute too).  Her room is my favorite room in our house, which is probably a good thing since it is easily where we spend the majority of our time!   

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