February 8, 2015

Newfound Freedom

I took advantage of the warm weather yesterday afternoon and took Claire outside to play in our yard.  It was Claire's very first time getting to walk around and explore outside.  She was a little unsure at first but very intrigued with this newfound freedom of getting to walk across such large expanses of grass when she is just used to walking from room to room in our house.
(She had to bring Princess Aurora along for the adventure.  We rarely find her without one of her princesses clutched in her little fists.)
Playing with leaves and twigs, trying to figure out all these new textures.
Rory, of course, joined us on our adventure too.  I snapped this picture of her patiently waiting by the door for me to lead her to the yard. She loved having company and excitedly sprinted circles around the tree in our backyard until she was able to bring her energy level back down to normal.
Haha this was Claire's face while she watched Rory sprint around in circles.
I loved seeing Claire's curious little mind at work discovering this new-to-her outdoor world.  She studied everything around her very carefully, but I think she gave the experience a good verdict.  As disappointing as this winter has been for a girl who loves her snow, I have to say it wasn't such a bad thing getting to play outside with only jackets on in February!  

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