February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

I started off our Valentine's Day this year with a festive breakfast in the morning for my two loves.  I made egg-in-the-hole toast for Bryce and I & used heart cookie cutters to cut out the hole.  Then I used the extra heart pieces of toast for Claire's breakfast and cooked her some scrambled eggs.  We also had strawberries and orange juice.  Bryce and I enjoyed our breakfast thoroughly...and Claire decided to be a stinker and only ate her toast & some yogurt.  (If I keep offering it, one day she'll start eating more of a variety of foods, right??!!)
I surprised Bryce with a box of chocolates and the card in the earlier post from Claire.  My mom has a tin box in her toy drawer that Claire absolutely loves.  She plays with it every time we go there.  She loves to put things in and take them out and put the lid on and off.  I found this little Valentine's tin at Michael's and I thought it would be perfect for her!  And I was right, she loves it.  We gave her the little tin filled with Teddy Graham's and the Romeo & Juliet board book.

Bryce had to work in the morning and also had to take a biochemistry test, so Claire and I spent the day together at home until he was done.  When Bryce got home that night we had my parents babysit Claire while we went to dinner.  My grandparents gave us a gift certificate to the El Matador for Christmas so we decided to use that for our date.  Our food was really good and it was so nice being able to spend some one on one time with Bryce.  After we got home we finished off the night sharing some chocolate covered strawberries I made and played one of our favorite trivia games together on Bryce's iPad.  It was a really fun little holiday for us.  Valentine's Day was officially the start of Claire's second round of holidays, as crazy as that is!  I'm so lucky that I have two Valentine's to celebrate with!

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