January 15, 2015

Storytime: Red Sled

We love story time at our house.  We always make sure we read a few books before every nap and before bedtime.  Claire has always liked being read to but now she is starting to really love it.  She'll point, smile, and giggle at the pictures on the pages and it makes me so happy to see her enjoy it.  I thought it would be fun to post some of our favorite books every so often on our little blog.  I ordered the book Red Sled for Claire a few weeks ago with some Christmas money she was gifted.  It is such a cute book and is one of our favorites to read now!  It has the most darling pictures and doesn't have very many words so it is perfect for a wiggly impatient baby always wanting to turn the page.  The story is about a bunch of animals who borrow a little girl's sled after she has propped it up by the house for the night.  It's a really fun one that I think everyone should add to their collection.  Books have such a special place in my heart; if I can pass on one thing to my kids I hope it is my love for books & reading.  

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