January 30, 2015

Playtime with Claire

This past week has a been a rough one on Claire.  She has had a horrible cold, cough, and her first ear infection (we've both been exhausted).  I was so happy to see her back to her normal self this morning.  She woke up with a big grin on her face ready to play.  I love getting to spend my days playing with Claire.  We have so much fun together.  She is at a really fun age.  She loves playing with her toys and trying out new things.  She was pushing her doll pram around a few days ago and realized she could actually climb in it and go for a ride too.  So now whenever she plays with it she'll push it around for a while and then take a break and climb in.  Then she'll look at me excitedly and wait for me to push her around the house.
She is starting to love playing with her doll.  Whenever I say "give her loves" she'll hug her doll tightly and give her a big open mouthed kiss.
I ordered Claire this adorable wooden tea set with a gift card we had with a little money left on it.  It is made by one of my favorite toy brands Hape.  I knew she wouldn't really be big enough to understand the whole "tea party" concept for a while but I ordered it anyway.  Claire loves feeding me, Bryce, & Rory so when I showed her how to pretend to feed her doll today she loved it! She also started copying me when I would make sipping noises and pretend to drink out of the tea cups.  It was adorable.  I guess our first little tea party was actually quite a success after all ;).
I never tire of this face.  I love Claire's smile so much.  I can't help but smile back whenever I see it.  Hopefully it will stick around now that she's finally on the mend!


  1. This is so cute. I love the tea set. I want Claire and Camille to be best friends for some reason. Probably because Claire is just so sweet. I hope she gets feeling better

    1. Aww, they should be best friends! If you ever go to Morgan to see your family we should plan a little play date for them :).