January 12, 2015

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 51 Weeks

Claire turned 51 weeks old yesterday.  I can't believe she only has one week left of being an 11 month old :(.  I am already pretty sad about it.  I love this age and I have so much fun watching her grow.  I just hate how it goes by so dang fast!  Claire is walking everywhere!  She gets so excited that she can walk from room to room all by herself now.  It's fun to watch her explore our house from her new perspective.  This past week she started copying me when I would tell her good job, so now she says good job all the time.  I love when she mimics us and learns new phrases.  

We are down to two nursing sessions a day.  I've been working on the weaning process really slowly since she loves to nurse so much.  Once she officially turns one next week I'm going to cut her down to one session a day for a week or two and then hopefully wean her all they way.  I'm a little worried about making sure she still gets enough calories once she's done nursing because she doesn't eat very much, but that is a whole another post.  

Claire still sleeps really well at night usually 12-13 hours.  She has pretty much stopped taking two naps a day and will only take one nap now.  If she will go back to sleep after she nurses at 6 and sleep until around 8 then one nap is usually enough for her.  I have her nap after she eats lunch between 12 and 1 and she will usually nap for 2-2/12 hours.  The hard days are when she wakes up at six and doesn't go back to sleep after she nurses.  Then she is ready for a nap earlier, which messes up her schedule because she won't take a second nap.  Then she is super grumpy in the evenings so I end up putting her to bed between 6 & 6:30.  But if she goes to bed early she usually stays awake after her 6 am nursing session and her schedule stays thrown off.  We're still working on it and I'm hoping once I get her completely weaned she will start sleeping in longer. 

I've been doing lots of party prepping so I can get everything done ahead of time and just enjoy her birthday with her instead of trying to frantically finish everything.  I am really excited for her party and to see what she thinks about getting her own little cake to eat!  

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