January 5, 2015

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 50 Weeks

Claire turned 50 weeks old yesterday.  She has been loving all her new toys from Christmas.  Her nursery is starting to look much more like a big girl room now that all her little baby things have been replaced by big girl toys. 
These are two of my favorite toys Claire got for Christmas.  She got them from her Grandma & Grandpa Leishman.  They are so cute.  Claire can't quite walk around with the butterfly push toy yet by herself but she loves when we help her with it.
She loves the xylophone pounding bench toy.  She has even started figuring out how to pound the balls through their holes so they'll roll down the xylophone.
Claire is walking all over the place now.  She even stands herself up in the middle of the room instead of having to pull herself up by something first.  
Claire is also starting to mimic us all the time and it is the absolute cutest.  She will say, Uh-Oh, thank you, tickle-tickle, and if you ask what Rory or a Tiger says she will growl.  I got some of it on video today while I was feeding her lunch.  Only two more weekly updates left until this little girl is a one year old!

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