January 2, 2015

Annual Mecham Family New Year's Eve Crabfest

Every year growing up my parents always splurged and bought crab legs & shrimp for dinner on New Year's Eve.  It was one of my favorite traditions, and made it so special since we only did it once a year.  Even since me and my older sister have been married, they have still carried on the tradition and invited us all over dinner.  It's been fun to share the tradition with our husbands, and now our babies.  We had our annual crabfest on New Year's Day this year, which worked out better for us since Claire and I were both not feeling well and trying to get over colds on New Year's Eve.  

I dressed Claire up for the party in her new dress she got from my parents for Christmas.
We had such a yummy dinner!  We had 8 lbs of crab legs, marinated steak, shrimp & cocktail sauce, salad, and a crab ball with crackers.  This seriously is probably my favorite meal of the entire year.  I even enjoy it more than Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners.
While we ate Claire & Lydia entertained themselves crawling in and out of the toy drawer all night long.
What a great way to ring in the new year!  The yummiest food and all of my favorite people as company.  Farewell 2014, you have been immeasurably exceptional.  2015 has a lot to live up to, but I'm hoping it will prove to be just as great!

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