January 2, 2015

2014 Year in Review

2014 was so good to our little family. It really has been my favorite year and will always be so special to me as it is the year I became a mother. I had a really hard time narrowing down this post, but here are a few (and by few I mean many) of my favorite memories:  photo 12146142556_f3652285b4_o_zps6cc9c49a.jpg photo 12145719283_b98bc2852c_o_zps8232d343.jpg
*The best moment in 2014 was the birth of our little girl, Claire Olivia, on January 19* 
 photo 12645786863_5455922204_o_zps06c120bc.jpg
*Celebrating Valentine's Day with our tiny valentine*
 photo 12577960405_1bec77c916_o_zps54a3aad8.jpg
*Taking our first family pictures with Claire*
 photo DSC_0108_zps84626e82.jpg
*Documenting Claire's growth through weekly & monthly pictures*
 photo DSC_0367_zps43f19dbc.jpg
*Seeing Claire's first real smiles*
*Celebrating Rory's 1st Birthday in February*

*Celebrating our 3rd anniversary in March* photo DSC_0169_zps8436d0b9.jpg
*Celebrating Easter* photo DSC_0073_zps12bbf380.jpg
*Spending my days playing with this cute girl* photo DSC_0273_zpsd5833436.jpg photo DSC_0250_zps0a268ef4.jpg
*Claire's Blessing Day in May*
 photo DSC_0325_zps083c9e8a.jpg
*Celebrating Bryce's 24th Birthday in May* photo DSC_0030_zps8a5a7439.jpg
*National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day* photo DSC_0135_zpsf86b224b.jpg
*Taking Claire to her first drive-inn movie with Laci & Lydi*
 photo DSC_0074_zpsd218e314.jpg
*Feeding Claire her first solids*
 photo DSC_0586_zpsaa789542.jpg
*Finding any excuse I could to put Claire in her adorable swimsuit*
 photo IMG_0475_zps56630adc.jpg photo IMG_0466_zpsff55e9c1.jpg
 photo IMG_0503-2_zps2217c694.jpg
*Celebrating the 4th of July with a parade, concert, & fireworks*
 photo IMG_1187_zps3d4124bc.jpg photo IMG_1179_zps7d9f300d.jpg photo IMG_1563_zpsbeb731a8.jpg photo IMG_1553_zps5fa8f4f7.jpg
*Swimming at Pineview*
 photo IMG_1353_zpsbce9ecbc.jpg
*Celebrating Claire's 6 month birthday in July*
*Going to the Pioneer Day Parade*
 photo Tonysgrove-16_zps8018c2f8.jpg photo bearlake-8_zps2f6d76fc.jpg
*Camping trip to Tony's Grove & Bear Lake*
 photo IMG_2696_zps1edb009a.jpg photo IMG_2728_zps5c060582.jpg photo IMG_2724_zpsd2e3ef53.jpg
*Back to School Feast in August*
 photo LaborDay-3_zps4b41ee3e.jpg photo LaborDay-7_zps75a78b4c.jpg photo LaborDay-18_zpsf302d6ab.jpg
*Taking Claire & Rory to the Castle Park*
 photo ogdentemple-1_zpse2b3b007.jpg
*Going to the Ogden Temple Open House*

*Watching Claire learn to crawl*
 photo 35weeks-7_zps5a79c3d1.jpg *Claire's first ponytail*

*Seeing Claire & Rory become the best little buddies*
 photo Oktoberfirst-9_zps28f70a64.jpg
*Celebrating/inventing Oktoberfirst*

*Taking new family pictures in the October*
*Dressing up for Halloween as Russian nesting dolls & Bryce as a Russian Folk Dancer*
*Celebrating my 25th Birthday*

*Showing Claire the first Snowfall of the year*
*Claire's first pigtails making her look like a toddler instead of my little baby*
*Decorating for Christmas & putting up our Christmas Tree*
*Updating everyone's stockings in time for Christmas*
*Seeing Claire take her first steps*
*Going to see the Christmas lights at Temple Square*
*Taking Claire to see Santa*
*Celebrating Christmas*

*Ending the year with the annual Mecham Family Crabfest*

I have loved 2014 so much.  This will always be one of the most special years I've had.

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