December 17, 2014

Temple Square Lights

Monday night for Family Home Evening we went to see the lights at Temple Square with my sister Laci's family.  We had so much fun showing our girls the temple, the nativities, and all of the pretty Christmas lights.  The girls were really good!  All of the crowds and lights kept them very entertained. 
Lydia was so cute.  She reminded us of a little Michelin man all bundled up in her puffy coat :).
My Claire baby, always the little observer studying every detail.
The girls, probably talking about how embarrassing their moms are, always taking a million pictures.
We've planned lots of little Christmas activities as a family to count down until Christmas and this was our kick-off event.  It was a great way to reemphasize why we are really celebrating Christmas and help us feel the spirit.  After we got home we watched the video "He is the Gift".  It has such an inspiring message and helped Bryce and I come up with some ways we can "Share the Gift" this Christmas season.  If you haven't seen the video yet you really need to watch it.  

We have a few more activities planned and lots of upcoming family parties we're excited about.  Even though Claire is still super little and won't remember this Christmas, we are having so much fun getting to be parents and see Christmas through the eyes of a child again.  Now if only we could be so lucky and finally get some snow to really help bring the magic of the season!  I'm not giving up hope yet, I'll just keep singing I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas until it comes true!

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