December 17, 2014

Claire's Christmas Pictures

My sister and I thought it would be fun to do a Christmas photoshoot with our girls yesterday.  We had planned on using a huge box of white icicle lights that my mom had in her basement but we weren't able to find them so we had to make do with one strand of lights haha.  The pictures still turned out okay but I would like to try again with lots and lots of lights.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Claire and the rest of the pictures of her and my niece are on my photography blog here >>> photo clairexmas-1_zpsb9cf125f.jpg photo clairebampwxmas-1_zps7e82b01c.jpg photo clairexmas-4_zpsd730d6c4.jpg photo clairebampwxmas-2_zps17843c61.jpg photo clairexmas-5_zps8e8f3875.jpg photo clairexmas-8_zps27cdf4b6.jpg photo clairebampwxmas-3_zpsd4f3a835.jpg photo clairexmas-9_zps1e455bc8.jpg

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