December 1, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 45 Weeks

Claire turned 45 weeks old today.  I took her weekly picture in one of my old Christmas outfits my mom saved.  This has been a fun week for Claire.  She got to celebrate her first Thanksgiving twice!  We went to Bryce's parents on Thanksgiving and then a few days later we had a second Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  Claire had tons of fun with her grandparents and cousins all weekend long.  She has started standing more, especially when she is around all her cousins and she wants to try walking, but she still hasn't taken any steps on her own.  She also finally cut her top left tooth!  Hopefully she'll have a little break from teething for a bit.  She only has two more first holidays to celebrate until her birthday, Christmas & New Years.  I can hardly wait to open presents with her on Christmas!

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