December 20, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 11 Months

Dear Claire,

You turned 11 months old today.  You are getting so big and have learned so much this past month!  It is amazing to see how much you are learning and figuring out every day.  Just a few days ago you took your very first steps.  You have been very close to doing it for a while but you finally mustered up the courage to try it on your own.  You can now walk 8-10 steps by yourself.  It is so adorable.  You love it!  You are so proud of yourself and you just smile and smile the whole time you walk.  I always give you a hug and pat your back after you've walked into my arms, so now when you return the hug you have started patting my back too.  It's pretty cute.
You recently learned to say "Uh-Oh".  You also still say "Mama, & "Dada" although you don't really know what these words mean yet.  You usually just copy us when we say them.  You still love to wave "hello" and "goodbye" to everyone.  You also like to blow bubbles with your lips and click your tongue.  You love music and start bouncing up and down whenever you hear any.  You  are best friends with Rory.  You love her so much.  You love to give her hugs and crawl all over her.  You like to hand her toys and then you giggle when she takes them from you.  Most of the time you find it funny when she licks you, unless you are in a grumpy mood ready then you make sure to let her know you don't like it.
You are almost ready to drop down to one nap a day, but not quite there.  Your schedule has been kind of thrown off because some days you want to take two naps still, but other days you will completely refuse to take your second nap.  We're working on adjusting your schedule, so hopefully in the next few months we can wean you to one nap a day and have you be your normal happy self.
You have learned how to stack the rings on your wooden stacking toy.  It is so fun to watch you.  You concentrate so hard to get every wooden ring on the peg.  It is by far your favorite toy now and you will sit and play with it for a good 20 minutes sometimes. You also like small toys or objects that fit in your  hand.  You find something new every few days and carry it around with you all day long.  For a few days it was your toothbrush, then it was a pen lid, and most recently a Christmas bell.  You are a very curious baby and you still put almost everything in your mouth.  I have to keep an eye on you all the time.  Luckily I'm a clean freak already otherwise trying to keep the floors spotless would be much more difficult.  
You have started getting a little feisty the older you've gotten.  Everyone teases that you get that from me.  You mostly get mad if I have to take something away from you.  But for the most part you are still a really mellow, easy going baby.  You love playing with dad and you crawl as fast as you can to the door when you hear him come in.  You also really love mommy and always want me to cuddle you when you are sad or hurt.  Even though I've watched you grow up for 11 whole months, it's hard to believe you are really that old.  And it is even harder for me to believe you will turn one year old next month.  You are the greatest blessing I have ever had.  I love being your mom so much.  You are such a sweet, special girl and getting to raise you is such a privilege.

I love you too much,


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