December 23, 2014

Christmas Happenings

We have been having so much fun having Bryce home so much during his Christmas break.  I've taken full advantage of having him around and made sure we've been crossing everything off our Christmas to-do list.  We have a tradition to exchange ornaments with each other every year.  This year I wanted to make an ornament of Claire's handprint for her first Christmas so we thought it would be fun to just make a bunch of ornaments from salt dough.  We cut out the shapes and baked them one day, and then painted them the over the next couple of days.  We finished them up today and got them all hung up on our tree.  I made a stocking, a mitten, and Claire & Rory's handprints (pawprint in Rory's case).  Bryce made a candy cane & an angel.   
Tonight we went to see Christmas village on 25th street and we finally took Claire to see Santa.  We took Rory with us and she loved walking around getting petted by so many people.
Claire's first time meeting Santa went without a hitch.  I put her on his lap and she just sat there and looked around.  It was pretty funny seeing her be so calm and content when so many other kids & babies were crying and waling up a storm.  

We had 2 family parties this past weekend and we were able to go visit with Bryce's Grandpa Leishman last night for Family Home Evening.  We have just a few more items on our Christmas to-do list; Mecham Family party on Christmas Eve, open pajamas and watch It's a Wonderful Life Christmas Eve night, Leishman Party Christmas Day, and of course have our little family's Christmas party & open gifts Christmas morning.  I'm so excited for Claire to open up her gifts on Christmas morning I can hardly stand it!  Getting to be a parent on Christmas makes it so much more fun!

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