November 1, 2014

Halloween 2014

We went with a Russian theme for our Halloween costumes this year.  Claire, Rory, and I dressed up as Matryoshka (Russian nesting) dolls and Bryce was a Russian folk dancer.  I sewed all of our head scarves, aprons, and Claire's little yellow dress.  I even made Claire her own little matryoshka doll that matched her outfit perfectly.  Bryce borrowed one of my dad's white button up shirts so it would be nice and poofy on him.  I cut him a sash out of red fabric and found him a raccoon fur hat at Savers and I just cut off the tail.  The best part about our costumes was that I only had to spend $2 on Bryce's fur hat.  I had all of the  fabric in my stash and we just had to borrow Bryce's shirt.
As soon as Bryce got off work we put on our costumes and headed to Morgan. We stopped at Bryce's parents to trick-or-treat first and then went to my sister's to meet up with her for the Business trick-or-treat.  We went around to a few businesses but no serious trick-or-treating since Claire can't really eat any of the candy yet.  Claire did love seeing all of the kids in their costumes though!  After the business trick-or-treat we took Claire to both of my grandparents houses (Claire's great-grandparents) where she was spoiled with lots of baby-friendly treats.  We ended the night at my parents house for a little party & my birthday dinner.  It was such a fun Halloween & birthday.  Having a baby made Halloween even more fun than it usually is!  I'm possibly already brain storming ideas for costumes next year when Claire will really be able to trick-or-treat for the first time :).  Happy Halloween!

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  1. You guys look so cute! I love your costume idea. And happy birthday! I hope your day was awesome (it sounds like it was).