November 14, 2014

Claire's First Snowfall

Yesterday morning before Bryce was leaving for school he checked the weather and grumbled to me that there was snow in the forecast.  I was elated!  I love snow so much, and I especially the first snow of the season. Everything is so magical and it really brings the holiday spirit.  Later in the morning I looked out our bedroom window and saw that it was in fact snowing!  I was so excited to show Claire.  Bryce came home a few hours later for a lunch break so we bundled Claire up and took her outside to show her the snow for the first time.  It was so cute to watch her fascination with the fluffy white snow blanketing the ground!  We were only able to stay outside for a few minutes until the magic wore off and Claire wailed her discomfort of being cold.  Still, I think she could tell something special had happened.  Now I just keep picturing her tromping around outside in a big fluffy snow suit.  I can't wait until she is big enough to make snow angels, snowmen and snow caves with us!  I have such fun memories from my childhood playing outside in the snow for hours and hours.  I can't wait for Claire to make memories like these of her own.

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  1. She is so cute! It snowed a ton here today, so we are headed out today to show Camille. Also, those hats that you make for Claire are so so cute! She is so beautiful!