November 24, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 44 Weeks

Claire turned 44 weeks old today.  The weather has started getting cold so we are back to taking weekly pictures inside.  It's difficult to getting good natural light in our basement apartment so I don't particularly love taking pictures inside, but I guess it is good practice for me.  I tell Bryce all the time the main requirement I have for our next house/apartment is for it to have lots and lots of windows and natural light.  Anyway, back to Claire.  She loves playing in the nursery with all of her toys.  She is very curious and inquisitive.  She will hold one toy and study it for a good five minutes, sometimes longer.  She will turn it all around and look at its shape and color, then for good measure she'll put it in her mouth and see how it tastes.  Once she's satisfied sometimes she will move on to another toy or she will keep holding the same one while she crawls around the house.  It is so much fun watching her learn, play, and discover new things.  She has turned into a little chatter box and speaks gibberish to me all day long.  It is so cute.  I'll talk back to her (in real sentences) and she will respond in her own little language and you can tell she totally thinks we're having a conversation.  I usually start laughing because she will really get into it and start talking extra loud, for emphasis I'm sure, at certain parts in her stories.  I am getting so excited for Christmas with her I can hardly stand it.  We are planning on putting up a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep her from pulling it over on top of herself!

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