November 10, 2014

Claire Olivia Week by Week: 42 Weeks

Claire turned 42 weeks old today.  This past week she really mastered the wave!  She waves at everyone at church or at the grocery store, at Bryce when he leaves for work or school, and at me when I go get her out of her crib.  She loves to wave, but I think she especially loves the reaction she gets from people.  She is turning in to a little flirt and loves to do whatever she can to get people to laugh and smile at her.  She still loves to walk around pushing her little walking toy but she is very timid when it comes to standing or taking any steps on her own.  She will stand for a few seconds but as soon as she realizes I'm not holding it freaks her out and she lunges for my arms.  She will walk all over the place as long as she has something to hold on to, she needs to muster up the courage to try to take a few steps on her own.  It make take her a couple more months but I'm sure she'll get it soon enough! 

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