November 2, 2014

25th Birthday

My 25th birthday was a couple days ago on Halloween.  I am officially a quarter of a century old.  We celebrated a little on Halloween having dinner with my parents and siblings and also by taking Claire trick-or-treating.  I love having a birthday on Halloween since there is always something fun going on.  

We celebrated my birthday with just our little family yesterday.  Bryce spoiled me this year and let me get my birthday present a few months early. I had been wanting to try and start a little photography business but wanted to upgrade my camera if I was serious about it.  So I sold my old camera, used my birthday money from Bryce and money from a few photoshoots, and was able to upgrade to a Canon Rebel T3i.  I have loved it so much!  I especially love that my new camera records video so I can record lots of family videos of special occasions and such.  I've already got tons of use out of it.

I also got some birthday money from my parents and grandparents.  Bryce agreed to go to shopping with me at the station park shopping center in Farmington so I could get some new clothes.  I bought a cozy new sweater, a pair of red flats, and a black wool floppy hat.  After shopping we went to dinner at Zupas and had soup, salads, and sandwiches.  I thought it was a perfect dinner choice on a cold fall day.After we finished dinner we headed home.  Before we put Claire to bed, Bryce brought me a birthday cupcake complete with a glowing candle, and sang happy birthday to me.  Claire was really loving the candle flame and kept trying to snatch it.  Then we put Claire to bed and spent the rest of the evening cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix.  I had such a great birthday!  It's hard to believe I'm actually 25, it seems strange that I've already reached my mid-twenties.  This past year has by far been my absolute favorite.  Nothing has brought me so much joy or fulfillment as being a wife and mother.  I don't see how it could top it but I am excited to see what my 25th year of life holds.  

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