October 10, 2014

Little Laundry Helper

 photo laundryhelper-3_zps0e1335f8.jpg photo laundryhelper-2_zps5a0cbf84.jpg photo laundryhelper-1_zpsea06875b.jpg photo laundryhelper-4_zpsca9fd0fb.jpg photo laundryhelper-5_zps10d47784.jpg
I took a few pictures of my little laundry helper yesterday. I think every mom has pictures like this in some form or another. Claire likes to help me fold everything.  Well I should clarify, I fold while she throws everything out of the basket for me. After everything is folded I take her for a laundry basket ride from room to room while we put everything away. Claire's a pretty good little helper to have around. I think I'll keep her :).

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