October 29, 2014

Halloween Countdown Day 2

A few weeks ago at the costume party we went to we met the cutest couple!  We were sitting by them and we got talking and found out we both had golden doodles.  They have a mini-goldendoodle named Charlie.  It was really fun for us, we showed each other pictures of our dogs and talked about all the funny things they did.  I was so excited to meet another couple who are extreme dog lovers like we are!  We exchanged numbers and planned to get together so our doggies could have a play date.  A few days ago I got a text from the girl inviting us to go to a doggy trunk-or-treat at the dog park with them.  I was so excited and told Bryce we HAD to go.  So that is what we did yesterday for day 2 of our Halloween countdown.    
We decided to go to the trunk or treat all decked out in our costumes.  Bryce is in young mens and I am in young women's for our church callings and we both had to go to a Halloween carnival afterwards.  It worked out well since we needed to be in our costumes anyway.  Besides that Rory's costume doesn't really make sense unless Claire and I are in ours too. We took hers off after we got there so she could play with all the dogs and not ruin it.  I didn't take any pictures of all of us in our costumes, so you can't really tell what we are supposed to be.  Consider it a sneak peak until I post pictures of our full costumes on Halloween.  

When we first arrived at the event Bryce was a little embarrassed because we were some of the only "humans" dressed up.  Almost every single dog was dressed up but just a few of their owners were.  Then our friends showed up dressed up as Dorothy, the tin man, and they shaved their golden doodle like a lion so he could be the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz.  It was so cute!  After they arrived Bryce felt a little better. 
We had a blast and Rory was in Heaven getting to play with so many dogs!  Claire absolutely  loves dogs so she was totally enthralled watching them run around everywhere.  Bryce and I kept laughing at all the dogs dressed up.  There were some pretty funny costumes.  It was our first time at the dog park and we were bummed to find out it closes for the winter on Saturday.  We are, however, planning to make frequent visits there when it reopens in April, probably just not in our costumes for future visits ;).

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