October 27, 2014

Halloween Countdown Day 1

I decided this week leading up to my favorite holiday (Halloween & my birthday!) we would celebrate with a Halloween countdown.  I have planned something "Halloweenish" for us to do everyday to really get us in the Halloween spirit.  Claire and I started off Day 1 of our countdown this morning watching "Curious George Boo-Fest" and shared a chocolate chip cookie.  
After Claire's morning nap we took a trip to the library.  We checked out a stack of Halloween & fall themed books to read together all week.  I try to read to Claire before every nap and before she goes to bed.  I love this part of our day  so much and she seems to be enjoying it more now that she is getting older.  She will even sit still through two or three books sometimes!
UntitledMy fellow Taylor Swift fans may already know this, but every time Taylor Swift has released an album she has released it at the end of October.  I am a big Taylor Swift fan!  I actually met her at a concert about a month after her first album was released when I was 17.  This was when she was still an opening act and wasn't famous yet.  I had been playing her cd on repeat and I was so excited when I found out she would playing in Utah!  It was a pretty cool moment for me.  I even have this horribly grainy photo above for proof!
Every October since then that she has had a new album, I have purchased it the day it was released!  You better believe I was first in line at Target today to purchase the deluxe edition of her new album 1989, (deluxe because bonus tracks!).  October is so good to me, I swear it loves me as much as I love it.  We proceeded to play her new album all night while I cleaned, cooked dinner, and gave Claire a bath.  I'm pretty sure Claire already knows the lyrics to tracks 1-4.  Bryce came home while we were listening to it and he was thrilled ;).  All in all, I'd say day 1 of our Halloween countdown was a success!

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